60-Inch Multi-Strand: 120 Lights: LED Warm White

$ 14.99 $ 24.99

120 Lights, 60"strands, 6 strands

Available in Firefly Twinkle: Every 9th bulb gently twinkles. 

Please note that these are all plug in. We do not carry battery operated product on our website.

Different from the traditional string lights, the multi-strand design readily adapts to the natural contours of trees, plants, hanging baskets, flowerpots, cascading plants, ferns, palms, centerpieces and more. 
  • Easy application, quick removal, easy storage
  • Customized lengths to fit any decorating need 
  • Designed for custom positioning of strands on individual branches 
  • Eliminates unsightly crossover of wires between branches for a cleaner more professional look 
  • Instantly decorate plants from top to bottom and inside out
  • For live and artificial plants and trees 
  • Tangle resistant 
  • Indoor/Outdoor use
Add density to your existing Christmas tree lighting system, or use this multi-strand to fill in burned out sections of your pre-lit tree. 
Trim-It-Quick’s multi-strand light sets are designed with a hook that allows decorator to secure the light set to the branch or stem for arranging.

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