SOLAR LED Plant Lights, 36 Red/White/Blue Lights, 22", #ST004RDB-36

$ 15.99



- 36 Red White & Blue LED bulbs
- Trim-It-Quick® 5-strand light set with hook
- Each strand 22” long
- Water resistant/Indoor Outdoor
- Amorphous Solar Panel (Lithium 500mah) 


Features & Innovations

A light set designed specifically for quick lighting of plants and trees.

Trim-It-Quick’s patented 5-strand plant light set consists of 5 individual strands joined together with a hook for holding strands in place for easy positioning. Different from the traditional light sets, the 6-strand design readily adapts to the natural contours of any plant or tree branches.

  • Secured by the hook, the strands drape down fern-like for hanging baskets and plants or they can be secured at the plant or tree base and positioned up through the branches.
  • Solar powered for the freedom to decorate anywhere. 


  • Easy application, quick removal, easy storage
  • Designed for custom positioning of strands on individual branches
  • Eliminates unsightly crossover of wires between branches for a cleaner more professional look
  • Quickly beautifies plants, hanging baskets, flowerpots, cascading plants, ferns, palms, centerpieces and more.
  • Instantly decorate plants from top to bottom and inside out
  • Tangle resistant
  • Cost efficient solar

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