Palm Tree Lighting Kit, Up to 10' Palm, 300 Incandescent Lights with Twinkle Tips

$ 20.99 $ 34.99

The first complete kit for lighting the entire palm tree. This kit illuminates not only the palm trunk, but includes the patented Trim-It-Quick® (TIQ) 6-strand design light set for palm branches. Each TIQ light set is constructed with a hook for holding strands in place for easy positioning. 
Kit includes: 300 Lights
  • 1 Trim-It-Quick® 6-strand light set for palm branches. 
  • Each of the 6 strands is 60” long with green wire. Total of 150 lights. 
  • Tip of each branch twinkles. 
  • 1-30’ light strand with 150 bulbs with brown wire for lighting trunk. 
  • 30 green twist-ties 
  • The Trim-It-Quick® 6-strand light set for palm branches and the 30’ light strand for trunk plug into each other eliminating the hassle of multiple string light sets and multiple extension cords.
  • The effect of a totally lighted Palm Tree is unique and exciting. 
  • Twist-ties included for securing strands to branches

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