8-9' Tree Lighting Kit: Incandescent: 1400 Total Lights: CLEAR Item# K043C

$ 77.99 $ 129.99

Due to back order of our 35" clear light sets, we have temporarily substituted the 6-35" light sets (100 ct) with 6-47" light sets (150 ct). The Kit will include 1700 Lights instead of 1400 for same price.  We apologize for the inconvenience. 
  • 1-18” light set (50ct)
  • 11-47” light sets (150ct)
  • 2-9 outlet (9’) extension cord with on/off switch. 
  • Free storage bag
The Trim-It-Quick complete and easy lighting kit for live and artificial trees features the patented Trim-It-Quick (TIQ) 6-strand designed light sets.  Each TIQ light set is constructed with a hook for holding strands in place for easy positioning.   Different from the traditional light sets, the 6-strand design readily adapts to the natural contours of tree branches.
Kit Includes: 1400 Lights
  • 1-18” light set (50ct)
  • 6-35” light sets (100ct)
  • 5-47” light sets (150ct)
  • 1-9 outlet (9’) extension cord with on/off switch. 
  • Free storage bag
  • Instant trunk to tip density
  • Vibrant dense coverage without winding back and forth
  • Each branch has it's own light strand
  • Eliminates unsightly crossover from branch to branch
  • Enhancement lighting or replacement lighting for pre-lit trees.
  • Indoor/Outdoor uses
  • The first complete lighting kit for trees designed to simplify the decorating experience. 
  • Trim-It-Quick takes the guesswork out of shopping for Christmas tree lights.
  • Trim-It-Quick’s patented 6-strand design comes in 4 lengths to ensure a custom fit for various sized trees.
  • Looks professionally decorated with less effort
  • Quick removal and stores away neatly year after year
  • Tangle resistant due to shorter strands
Easy Lighting Instructions:
1. Feed the multi-port extension cord up through the center of the tree. 2. Find the 18" hook-strand and plug it into the end of the extension cord, near the top of the tree.
3. Reach into the tree near the trunk, and hang the hook-strand on a branch. 4. Fan the individual string lights around the tree and arrange each string on its own branch , trunk to tip.
5. Working toward the bottom of the tree, repeat with the remaining hook-strands, using the 18" hook-strand at the top and the 35", 47", and 60" hook-strands as you work your way down. 6. For tangle-free storage hand the Trim-It-Quick hook-strands by the hooks or simply lay them in storage containers.

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